The new network

Many among Sardinian emigrants have reached important responsibility positions in enterprises or institutions, in Italy and abroad. This project aims to motivate them on the basis of a common wish of “giving back” experiences, professionalism and development opportunities for Sardinia.

From these considerations we see the birth of a new network that will help the development of an important support for the social-economical composition of Sardinia, thanks to an accurate supervision of the competences and areas of responsibility.

Sardinia Everywhere:

a new vision of Sardinia

within two words

  • because where Sardinians are, a part of Sardinia’s heart is too;
  • because Sardinian energies in the world are essential to understand where and how Sardinia can evolve in a sustainable and supportive way;
  • because the most important ressources that we need are innovation embracement and the ability of taking a challenge, which are certainly a peculiarity of Sardinians in the world;
  • because experiences abroad must be seen as a transition period of human and professional growth; we leave, we experience and, if conditions are favorable, we come back stronger, more prepared, more informed and able to give our contribution for a wealth growth of Sardinia.

What we have already done and what we are going to do

The pilot area of London hosted four meetings: the first two were intended to identifying a first team of “ambassadors” (young Sardinians living and working in London for several years); the third meeting was carried out as a participated planning workshop following the OST approach, and was attended by 76 young Sardinians for an entire work day. The fourth meeting gave birth to the association of Sardinians in London.

A particular communication campaign was activated through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; a cooperation platform was created on Google Drive; a group chat on WhatsApp quickly coordinated the activities with the ambassadors; on LinkedIn, a group profile of “Network Sardinia Everywhere” was created, purposely intended to motivate young professionals to move towards an internationalisation and the promotion of Sardinia’s economical and cultural system.

The first goals reached have confirmed the project hypotesis, with particular reference to the common wish among young emigrants to be involved in an activation of their competences and experiences. A positive feedback came also from the clubs in Sofia, Berlin and Barcelona, which will soon be involved in the project with the same experimental approach used in London.

The project was born at the Regional Council of Emigration within the Department of Labour of the RAS (Annual Emigration Plan 2016 and 2017).
Sardinia Everywhere was launched with a three-year activity plan and it is supported by the main associations for the safeguard of emigration: Federazione dei Circoli Sardi in Svizzera, FASI e FAES.